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Business Network

Business Network

Red América, offers its services in foreign trade to family businesses with more than 50 years of experience.



We make your imports directly from the factory, in a transparent way, maintaining your business independence.



We represent important factories and renowned products, offering a wide range of catalogs in different commercial areas.

About Us
Red América

About Us


About us?


Red América
Our clients are Retail Companies from different countries of America, which participate in a network of joint imports.

Red America is a team of professionals with experience in International trade, business management, bussiness information technology and corporate image, aimed at providing business solutions.

Red America, establishes commercial links with manufacturers from different parts of the world, offering a variety of products and representations for commercialization throughout Latin America.

Red América brings together Retail Companies and Purchasing Groups of Latin America, for the joint importation of its products through its International Business Network.

What do we do?


Virtue and Union Force
Virtue is the ability to learn, to dialogue and to reflection in the searching for knowledge.

Red América, offers its services in International Business to family companies with more than 50 years of experience. It carries out its individual imports, boosting them with the set of annual imports of the Business Network, made up of retail companies and purchasing groups from different countries of the Americas.

Red América, offers safe business transactions and better products. We can share our experience of how a product must be presented and configurated, if it has low technical service and an optimal selection of spare parts. Red America negotiates the characteristics of the products beyond the standards, adapting to the measure of the needs of each country and market.

Red América represents important manufacturers and renown products in differents countries of Latin America, offering a wide range of catalogs in furniture, household appliances and articles for the home.

How do we buy?


Virtue and Union Force
The strength of union is solidarity, the power achieved by people who work together to achieve a common goal.

Red America links you directly with the different factories. Each company keeps its identity and business independence, and obtains the benefits of the joint negotiation, the possibility of consolidation and the best logistics.

Red América, as a result of the union, strengthens the volume of purchase, transforms the level of negotiation and establishes stable links; regardless of whether individual purchases are low volume and low frequency. Red America offers optimized products in their cost-quality and innovation.

Red América manages the import business with total transparency. Each company directly makes the transfers to secure bank accounts previously confirmed, to the respective manufacturers.

What we offer?


Red America
We invite you to know the benefits that results from virtue and the strength of being part of a Purchasing Network.

Red America helps you to import your products and to position your own brand, linking your company with factories of trajectory, offering quality products, obtaining better costs and enabling higher profits. It links you to companies from different parts of Latin America, expanding your knowledge and business vision.

Red America assures you of its trust, backed by a serious and professional career, which is present in each of the businesses made with the participating company network.

Red America offers a constant commitment in the products selection, it adapts to the continuous markets changins, it specializes in the importation of furniture, appliances, household items, materials for the construction of building projects; ensuring in each bussiness very good results.

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